@Mafi it’s alright, mistakes happen and they were honest and helpful about it. A lot of the trim needed restoration anyway, it’s all a bit patchy and faded, and needed new bumpers either way. Really not a big deal :)


@Chris @Mafi Surely they could have just dropped round and said "Hey, we're going to spray paint our fence, just to let you know!" as a courtesey?

@jishh_ @Chris @Mafi Yeah but... some people don't think before they squirt

@jishh_ @Mafi They could have, but considering they left the note after doing the damage, it's reasonable to assume they just didn't expect anything to happen. Why tell us they're painting their fence if they don't expect it to matter?

I'm sure they'll let us know next time though, now they know it's messy business!

TBH I'd have done the same thing - and then later once I realised I'd be mortified, and immediately leave the country :D

@Chris @Mafi Yeah no to be fair I get that, sometimes you just don't expect stuff like that. Time to tell them to get good and use a paintbrush next time 😎

@jishh_ @Mafi That's pretty much the plan. It's all good, people make mistakes. They're just lucky I was skint for months so hadn't already put a new bumper on, because in fairness I'd have been a bit less tolerant if that were the case.

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