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@Chris @[email protected] Shit sorry dudes, totally missed this. Nope, no idea. When I built Ruby it JustWorked:tm:, but that was on a fresh installed OS

@sophia @Mafi In that particular scenario the guy was just being shitty. I think the only time I've ever used that phrase, it was more of a "Holy shit, I had no idea X was a hobby of yours", rather than an implicit "lol I'm surprised you are good at anything".

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[At Risk] You may notice some slowdowns of the site while we do some work. Nothing major, and no outages! Just a bit of performance issues :)

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Gentoo's mail package developer/maintainer group just got formally disbanded after failing to respond to their email for over a year. 10/10

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Our old dog can't jump the fence anymore. He prefers to loll around in the sun. Which is why I was surprised to watch as he systematically nosed his way down each rung of our fence. He kept an eye on the house, too, as if making sure he wasn't being watched. He was. With curiosity. When he finally found a loose rung, he pushed his head forward and through, as if to make an escape. That was as far as he could go. I took him for a long walk instead, after fixing the fence. #smallstories

@Mafi @Chris Yeah I can't say I really understood the context either

@Chris @Mafi Yeah no to be fair I get that, sometimes you just don't expect stuff like that. Time to tell them to get good and use a paintbrush next time 😎

@chuff We've seen you bought a fridge recently. Here's some other fridges you may like

@Chris @Mafi Surely they could have just dropped round and said "Hey, we're going to spray paint our fence, just to let you know!" as a courtesey?

Tfw when you go to the pub with work for lunch, but forget to eat. This is definitely the Ballmer Peak 🤔

[Nobody hears you, the room is empty]

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